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New Breakthrough OrbitBrushTM
Takes the "Ouch!"
Out of Brushing Tangled Hair

Croton-On-Hudson, N.Y.-December 10, 2008-The OrbitBrush, a patent-pending reinvention of the traditional hairbrush, uses eight independently-rotating bristle wheels designed to eliminate the painful stops and starts regularly encountered when brushing. According to its inventor George Stydahar, "This is the perfect, painless way to brush any type of hair no matter how tangled within one to three minutes." The brush is now available exclusively online: www.stydahar.com. Visitors are invited to view unedited streaming videos demonstrating the brush's effectiveness and ease-of-use featuring girls, teenagers and women with all types of tangled hair.

Stydahar said its unique rotating bristle wheels allow the OrbitBrush to painlessly brush through tangles. "The instant any bristle hits a tangle the wheel spins, allowing the brush to pivot away from the tangle, without pulling the hair. Bristles that don't hit tangles don't spin and are always brushing. Our Web videos prove that the OrbitBrush is the fastest way to tame even the most tangled hair."

Stydahar describes himself as a work-at-home dad who came to dread brushing his young daughters' hair because of the discomfort it caused them and the time it consumed. "Anyone who has brushed tangled hair knows what an onerous task it is: the pulling, the yanking, precious time wasted only to have damaged hair and a lot little girls' tears," he said. "As a father I hated it but as an inventor and entrepreneur I knew that solving this problem presented a tremendous challenge and opportunity."

After three years of development and testing, Stydahar came up with the design now pending at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Consisting of eight rotating wheels, each holding 10 bristles, the OrbitBrush's green design is nature friendly-no electricity or batteries required. A thumb wheel on the handle enables users to control the bristles' resistance and a gauge below that indicates the tension. The OrbitBrush is the same size and handles as easily as a traditional hairbrush.

The Orbit Brush costs $19.95 + $5.95 shipping and handling. The company accepts all major credit cards.

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Press Kit FAQs

What is the OrbitBrushTM?
It is a revolutionary, patent-pending hair brush that eliminates the painful stops and starts encountered when brushing tangled, knotted and difficult-to-manage hair.

Who is it for?
The OrbitBrush is ideal for anyone with tangled or unmanageable hair.

Does it require electricity or batteries?
No. The OrbitBrush is environmentally friendly because it needs no electrical energy to do its job.

What are its unique features?
Eight adjustable rotating bristle wheels that move independently from one another, enabling some to yield to knots while the others continue their grooming action through the hair, gently brushing out tangles.

What are the OrbitBrush's key benefits?
It enables users to rapidly brush the tangles out of their hair without pain and discomfort and without creating split ends or frizziness.

Why are traditional hair brushes inadequate?
Because their bristles are stationery and require extra exertion and time for brushing through tangles causing sudden painful jolts as well as split ends, broken hair and frizziness.

What is the origin of the OrbitBrush?
George Stydahar, a work-at-home dad, invented the OrbitBrush after struggling to brush the tangled hair of his young daughters. He turned a common problem encountered by parents into a challenge and opportunity.

Is there anything like it anywhere?
No. The OrbitBrush is unique and awaiting approval by the United States Patent Office.

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