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Seeing is Believing

Click on one of our models below to see a video of just how quickly OrbitBrush untangles hair.

Elodie Leila Callie Delana Emma Krissy
> Elodie > Leila > Callie > Delana > Emma > Krissy

about our videos

1 We absolutely promise all the girls in our videos have used no conditioners, treatments, or detanglers. They simply have normal shampooed hair.
2 All the videos on this page were shot with no editing breaks so you can see the actual brushing session start to finish.
3 We went all out to get each of the girls' hair TANGLED, either by teasing, industrial fans, vigorous tousling and toweling or all of the above. The point we want to make to you is the OrbitBrush simply works no matter how tangled your hair is. As a matter of fact we'll go so far as to say it's actually more fun when the hair is really tangled!



Elodie Before and After

Our toughest challenge. If you only watch one video watch this one.

Elodie with wet hair Before and After

Wet hair? No problem-watch!



Leila Before and After

Our youngest model, fine curly hair and very sensitive.



Callie Before and After

Big girls get tangles too!



Delana Before and After

Long, super curly, amazing tangles!



Emma Before and After

Teased and blown for added tangles.



Krissy Before and After

Long fine hair, teased and blown for added tangles.
Seeing is Believing

How it Works
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